Club Soba offers long term recovery solutions for those currently suffering from addiction. We strive to allow our clients to maximize the time spent in our programs. Long term recovery depends on the individual, but our program is designed for success no matter the background of the client. Successfully discharging with a strong recovery foundation and positive outlook on life is of utmost importance.

Soba encompasses a multi-faceted recovery approach: Each aspect is interwoven to develop a program that covers ALL areas that substance abusers need to have the greatest chance at success.

Medical componentALL medical needs are met to ensure a safe transition off drugs/alcohol. Medications are adopted as needed to help individuals adapt to their new characteristics free from alcohol and controlled substances.

Clinical componentOur clinicians work diligently to solve the underlying causes of the addiction. Drugs or alcohol are not the problem but merely a temporary relief from a greater issue. Addressing the underlying issues will help wipe the slate clean to begin a new chapter.

Holistic componentThere is no denying that exercise, breathing techniques and healthy nutrition all play a vital role in helping human beings bodies feel top notch. Club Soba’s treatment schedule will include yoga, meditation, and exercise regimens on top of a healthy, fulfilling meal plan.

Spiritual componentIt doesn’t have to be GOD, but something greater than you or I usually intervenes to get someone to a place where they are safely placed in treatment. Soba does not require belief in anything other than an acknowledgement that somehow; someway individuals arrive to us living and breathing. Who is to take credit for that? Well those answers are up to the eyes of the beholder.

Social componentBecoming comfortable in your own skin is quite a task for individuals new in recovery. The Soba model acknowledged this discomfort and created an entire recovery component that is based on peer-to-peer interacting, socializing and coexisting to recharge each person’s individual characteristics. Finding the true meaning of the word FUN is important; either with what they used to think was fun prior to using or new hobbies, ideas, or lifestyles. All of this is created around the core idealization that if a client stays clean and sober they can do anything they set their mind to.