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Greg Hannley

Greg Hannley is the Founder of Soba and all of its’ affiliated programs. His goal with Club Soba was to create a similar facility to

Jennifer O’Hara

Jennifer O’Hara serves as Program Director and CEO for the Club Soba substance abuse treatment center.  She has been with Soba in multiple capacities of

Jeff Christensen

For ten years, Jeff served as Executive Director of the Sober Living Network, the national leader for standards and quality assurance for sober living environments

Maralena “Lena” Christensen

Lena has been working in the substance abuse clinical administration field for over three years helping to run efficient alcohol and drug treatment programs.  As

Sherri Caruso, CADC-II, ICADC

Sherri Caruso brings her personal experience in 12-step recovery, more than 10 years of case management work with recovering women in sober living, her drug

Gina Fabiano

Gina Fabiano has a deep-rooted passion for working in the substance abuse industry. Soba in particularly has been a substantial part of her personal journey