Greg Hannley


Greg Hannley is the Founder of Soba and all of its’ affiliated programs. His goal with Club Soba was to create a similar facility to the original Soba Malibu model; which emphasizes specialized aftercare for long term success. Participants of Club Soba can live and work in the extraordinary city of Los Angeles while simultaneously… View Article

Jennifer O’Hara

Program Director/CEO

Jennifer O’Hara serves as Program Director and CEO for the Club Soba substance abuse treatment center.  She has been with Soba in multiple capacities of their treatment environment over the last 6 years.  Jennifer holds a vast array of technical skills which have been acquired from working a decade in public accounting as well as… View Article

Jeff Christensen

Senior Operations Manager

For ten years, Jeff served as Executive Director of the Sober Living Network, the national leader for standards and quality assurance for sober living environments nationwide.  He believes that the environment and architecture of sober environments serves a critical function in the lives of those early in recovery.  Jeff has expertise in fair housing and… View Article

Maralena “Lena” Christensen

Program Supervisor

Lena has been working in the substance abuse clinical administration field for over three years helping to run efficient alcohol and drug treatment programs.  As Program Supervisor at Club Soba, Lena develops and implements detailed tracking and auditing systems, creates and coordinates treatment and staff scheduling and evaluates and monitors program needs to ensure that… View Article

Sherri Caruso, CADC-II, ICADC

Group Facilitator

Sherri Caruso brings her personal experience in 12-step recovery, more than 10 years of case management work with recovering women in sober living, her drug and alcohol counseling degree, and her yoga practice to the Meditation and Spirituality classes she has taught at Soba since 2012. She believes that it is the combination of these… View Article

Gina Fabiano

Business Development

Gina Fabiano has a deep-rooted passion for working in the substance abuse industry. Soba in particularly has been a substantial part of her personal journey and she continues to reciprocate her experience with clients and staff on a daily basis. Her professional background of marketing and brand management is utilized in the office environment to… View Article