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Outpatient Treatment

Following day treatment the client will progress to our outpatient program. Soba’s treatment philosophy has always emphasized extended length of time spent in a structured treatment environment.

Sober living alone tends to leave its residents with an extensive amount of down time that may lead to unproductive thoughts or activities. As a client progresses through their recovery the structure of his/her environment should adjust to meet their needs. Club Soba’s outpatient program encourages integration into the workforce, an education program or volunteer program, which validates the client’s self-worth and achievement of long-term recovery. We offer three outpatient tracks:

Morning Intensive Outpatient Program

Our morning IOP program is primarily for our clients who are newer in their sobriety. These clients have been through residential and day treatment but may still trying to gain their footing. The morning IOP requires our clients to begin their day earlier and serves in creating structure they might not have had while in their addiction. These groups provide an introduction to the 12-steps and are more process oriented. Clients will work in a group and individual setting with licensed professionals to evaluate their feelings around their new sobriety.

Afternoon Intensive Outpatient Program

Once a client has proven to themselves they can be accountable and are becoming more stable in their recovery, they move on to the afternoon program. The afternoon IOP serves as a step down to encourage life activities to be pursued. The group themes provide a more in-depth look at 12-steps related topics such as spirituality, meditation, and relapse prevention.

Night and Weekend Intensive Outpatient Program

Our night and weekend IOP program was designed for working professionals and students. We offer non-residential, clinical services to for clients seeking ongoing support for recovery, but who have a daytime school of job schedule. Clients can attend the program while living at home or sober living facilities. This program is three days a week and begins in the evenings to allow clients flexibility in their daily routine while also continuing to provide the accountability and support needed in the early phases of their transition academically or professionally. The focus of these groups are less process oriented at this phase, addressing vocational subjects, life-skills, relationships, 12-step work, and explore relapse prevention in a new light. By this time life is in full swing and tools are being put to the test to reaffirm a solid recovery foundation.

The goal of Soba’s extended care is to prepare each individual to face life on life’s terms. While the 30, 60, 90, day treatment models work for some, we’ve seen that long term treatment provided the best opportunity for our clients to thrive and not have to re-enter treatment. Soba’s staff believes that if they put in the time and effort treating a client’s addiction to the fullest capacity, they can assist the client in building a foundation necessary for long term recovery.