Day Treatment

All the members of this treatment will have around the same time clean/sober and will be moving away from an ultra-structured inpatient program to a day patient program where important life skills are starting to be introduced.

This level of care can last from a few weeks to a few months depending on a client’s needs, treatment time frame, and progress. It can often be overwhelming to leave a residential treatment setting and move right into an outpatient environment that may contain dozens of people or a population that has much more clean/sober time then the new guy/girl. The secondary level of care is utilized to gain that extra confidence someone may need before taking a big leap into sober living and an outpatient program. Our day treatment program is an intense, focused experience. Each day is filled with structured therapeutic activities, individual and group therapy sessions, case management consultation, as well as scheduled and random urinalysis and breathalyzer screenings. Clients regularly attend 12–step meetings in the community to establish a sober support system. Additionally, family members are encouraged to participate in family counseling sessions and to provide a strong support system for their loved ones. Continued work with a clients’ clinical support system as well as interaction with their independently affiliated addiction specialist provide continuity of care to encourage a strong foundation of sobriety. By this time a routine will be in place and clients get to know themselves without the substances that had recently defined them. Life skills are normally gained at a steady pace during this period of time in treatment.