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Struggling with addiction is hard. Trying to do it alone is almost impossible. Misuse of drugs and alcohol hides the underlying causes of your addiction and these will continue to cause harm in your life until they are uncovered and addressed. If you are reading this right now and need to change things in your life, welcome home. Please call. We know how you feel and we know how hard it is to pick up the phone. Our staff understands that people who try to quit by themselves oftentimes get frustrated and feel helpless when they can’t. You can, and we can help.

Club Soba and its staff are dedicated to helping our friends overcome the ravages of addiction and substance abuse. No one suffering from addiction planned it. No one wants to admit they really have a problem. Drugs and alcohol are many times the only solution we know. At Club Soba, with the help of our staff, we will help you understand what seems so confusing right now. We will prepare a customized plan for you to find the underlying causes of your addiction and ways to address it.

What We Offer

Outpatient Treatment

Sober Living

Our sober living facilities are located in Los Angeles. Our sober community ensures the long term success of our clients and helps the healing process take place at an accelerated rate. Each client is unique and our process to aid in recovery for each client is unique. One size does not fit all.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab


Our outpatient facility is just a few blocks from our sober living where we offer daily groups, counseling, and sober activities. Each client is free to participate in our outpatient program as part of their aftercare plan.

Sober Living

Success In Recovery

Club Soba offers long term recovery solutions for those currently suffering from addiction. We can keep our clients for up to a year or more. Long term recovery depends on the individual, but our program is designed for success no matter the background of the client.

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If you or a loved one is locked in the bondage of dependency to prescription drugs, alcohol, or a combination of addictive behaviors call today. Let us help stop the cravings and start healing the suffering you have felt for far too long.

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At Club Soba we do not believe in the saying “one size fits all”. Like the individual, our plans are unique and must be customized to fit each person’s needs. We all have different triggers and responses and its critical to identify these differences. We don’t claim to have a “cure” but we can provide the necessary tools and support to ensure the best opportunity to maintain long-term sobriety.

Our team will help guide and instruct you to develop the tools necessary to overcome issues that have been plaguing you most of your lives. And once you learn how to successfully identify them, your likelihood of living drug and alcohol free, and happy, increases exponentially.